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Today, Mozambique's President, His Excellency Armando Guebuza, officially inaugurated the renovated Polana Serena Hotel. Located in one of the best areas of the capital, it is surrounded by a variety of attractions, including the Natural History Museum and the Tunduru Gardens. Just blocks from the city centre, Catembe Gallery Hotel offers a quiet and secluded location with nearby attractions including the Natural History Museum and T Dunduru Gardens. The air-conditioned rooms and spacious, comfortable beds make it the perfect place for an evening with friends or just to crawl in a quiet place at night.

The standard of the Maputo hotel - the amenities - invite you to spend a relaxing evening with friends at one of Mozambique's most popular tourist attractions, the Natural History Museum.

Read more about the food at Southern Sun Maputo and sample one of the hotel's signature dishes - a tangled mojito with homemade gourmet mint burgers. Enjoy cocktails by the pool with staff under a light braai or dance in the woods - light a wood - light a fire pit and mix up mojitos with the locals. You can also return to your hotel in Maputo to spend the night in the city with friends and family and enjoy a private dinner at the Hotel de Campo.

Make the most of the central location of Maputo to cool off in the outdoor pool, cool off on your return and enjoy the facilities of the fitness, spa and wellness centre. Take a short walk to the beach and enjoy fantastic night views of the city of Maputo. Located in one of Africa's most popular tourist destinations, Hotel de Campo offers quality rooms with air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Polana is one of the best hotels in Maputo overlooking the beach and offers 5-star accommodation services that include a wide range of amenities including a spa, fitness centre, gym, swimming pool and fitness centre.

Nahyeeni Lodge on Inhaca Island in Mozambique is located on a hill surrounded by a tranquil indigenous garden with stunning sea views and three beautiful historic villas overlooking the beach and the beautiful city of Maputo and its surroundings. Nyati Beach Lodge is located on a steep hill on the outskirts of Matanzas and offers peace and relaxation on exclusive grounds overlooking the Indian Ocean. Housed in one of three unique buildings, three of which overlook three beautiful beaches, this unique resort offers a great destination for a family or romantic getaway. Located in and around the centre of Maputo, the hotel offers a wide range of amenities including a spa, fitness, fitness, swimming pool and fitness centre. Portuguese da Portugueres, a five star hotel with 5 star accommodation service.

Afrin Prestige Hotel is equipped with a wide range of amenities for an unforgettable stay in Maputo, including a spa, fitness and fitness centre, swimming pool and fitness centre.

The hotel's location on Avenida da Marginal allows you to reach the airport in just 20 minutes and explore the markets and magic of Maputo. In recent years, a number of other destinations in Mozambique have opened up to international travellers, thanks to the revival of interest in the country's tourism industry and a new wave of investment in tourism and tourism development. Mosamabique Travel has hotels in Porto Alegre, Portobello, Managua, Nairobi, Maputa, Quito and Port - au - Prince, to name a few.

Bagamoyo hotels are sorted by class by default, and the most luxurious hotels in Bag amoyos are listed first. Luxury hotels, including in Porto Alegre, Portobello, Managua, Nairobi, Maputa, Quito and Port - au - Prince, are offered in a separate list.

The hotel is decorated in Arabic, giving it a trendy touch, while retaining the strong Arab influence of Mozambique a century ago. The small village of Ponta Do Ouro is close to one of the world's most popular tourist attractions, the Maputo Elephant Reserve. South of Maputo is the Maputo Elephant Reserve, and Kruger Park, on the border with Mosamba, has a farm. Maputa is a small city with a population of about 2.5 million people and an average income of 1.2 million dollars per year.

Visit the beautiful squares and avenues, explore monuments and palaces, admire the museums and cultural riches and embark on Maputo's Cultural Route. The next time you decide to spend your holidays in Mozambique, you will fall in love with this city, which is surrounded by life and culture. This time, try the first boutique hotel in Maputa, or go out and explore the monuments, palaces and museums of cultural wealth.

If you are looking for an alternative to large hotels, this boutique guest house is a welcoming oasis in the heart of Maputo. If you want the best of both worlds, then a luxury hotel and boutique hotel in one of Mozambique's most beautiful cities.

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