Maputo Mozambique Accor Hotel

The Unique Sri Lanka Collection has announced a number of exquisite locations for couples looking to stay in different Sri Lankan environments. In the heart of the capital Colombo, the most popular tourist destination in the world, we had the opportunity to host guests from all over the world, from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We are pleased to announce the establishment of this revered Hawaiian hotel, which further enhance our reputation as one of Asia's premier tourist destinations for the next generation of travelers.

The South African hotel group Protea is launching a rapid expansion worth 130 million dollars with the opening of its first hotel in Mozambique. Onomo's group announced in April that there will be a total of 10 hotels in South Africa and 5 in Africa, 5 of which are in South Africa. The first will take place in Cape Town, the capital of the South African Republic.

Last year, the group announced the opening of 11 new hotels in Africa, including the Radisson RED in Johannesburg's Rosebank, which will open in 2022, Sofitel in Cape Town in 2019, followed by a new hotel in Mozambique in 2020 and a third hotel, a 5,000 square metre hotel to be developed in Morocco and Cameroon. OnOMO Hotels is coming to the Mozambican capital Maputo with the opening of its first hotel - the Mapute Accor Hotel. Last year trees were felled in Madagascar by Radissons Hot Hotels until 2020 and in South Africa until 2021. The Radisons Blu in Maputi, Moz Ambique, is scheduled to open its doors by the end of 2016.

The new development will be expanded by a further 117 serviced apartments managed by the brand, complementing the existing Shama Sukhumvit in Bangkok. The Radisson Blu will be the first Accor hotel in South Africa and the second in Africa following the opening of Radissons Red in Johannesburg in 2016, Sofitel in Cape Town in 2019 and a new Radison RED in Mozambique in 2020.

Another 12 2,125-room hotels in Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Cameroon and Nigeria are on the brink, Hattier said. McLachlan added that Rezidor was actively working on a number of new hotels in South Africa and other parts of Africa. New properties include the Radisson Blu in Johannesburg, the Sofitel in Cape Town and a new Radison RED in Mozambique, as well as a Radissons Red in Ghana.

The Rezidor Hotel Group, which is preparing for a rise in sub-Saharan Africa, said the company was focused on developing in all of these countries. If you want to grow your business, you cannot ignore Africa, "said John McLachlan, head of development-oriented companies and one of the main players in the upward movement of sub-Saharan Africa.

International hotel chains are planning to settle in Mozambique, and AndBeyond ( is offering an eight-day Mozambica Experience at its Anantara Hotel in Maputo, the country's capital.

The hotel has upgraded the area, while the Radisson Hotel Group has gained credibility as the first international hotel brand in the region. The high quality, modern and modern design of ONOMO Maputo, combined with its location in the heart of the city, makes it an ideal hotel for travellers.

We are proud to introduce the Radisson brand as the country's first safari-inspired hotel in South Africa. It is an honour to work with Radisson Hotel Group to not only introduce our brand in South Africa, but also to add this first safari-style hotel to the group's African portfolio.

ONOMO Hotel Maputo in Mozambique is the first of the new hotels of the Radisson Hotel Group in South Africa and was officially opened on December 1st. ONomO Hotel, part of our ongoing expansion into Southern Africa, is the ON OMO Hospitality Hotel in Maputa, Mosamba, the world's first safari hotel in Africa.

The hotel is located in the heart of Maputa, the city's historic business centre, home to some of Mozambique's most famous restaurants, shops and hotels. Nearby is Casa Amarela (Yellow House), which maintains its status as one of the oldest hotels in the world, and nearby is the historic city center of Mosamba itself with its historic hotels and restaurants.

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More About Maputo