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Mozambique's largest city, Maputo, is a treasure trove of all sorts of great things, including colonial architecture and amazing experiences.

If you decide to take a long trip to the beach in Maputo, there are plenty of accommodation options and you can concentrate on a relaxing day on a beautiful beach. Beachfront hotels are unexciting, but there are many better options on the neighboring Portuguese island. The island offers beautiful views of the city, beautiful beaches and a variety of restaurants and bars. During your stay in Maputo, take a full-day tour to Macaneta Beach, which includes food, or take a full-day tour to Maca, the island's main tourist attraction.

Take an afternoon siesta and start the evening in one of Maputo's many restaurants and bars, such as the downtown restaurant or the beachfront hotel.

Next to the restaurant is a fantastic decor - a well-stocked shop, one of the best places to buy quality souvenirs in Maputo.

If you are eating with a group, try to tackle the monstrous shrimp and crayfish served on a rice bed with all the fixings. Ponta Beach Bar and Surf Shop are connected, so you should visit the shop after you have enjoyed your meal. As mentioned above, if you crave seafood, you don't have to pay the seller or select an item. The restaurant cooks the seafood itself and chooses a variety of fish such as tuna, mackerel, crabs, shrimp, clams and more.

After the hot Zambezi, you can wash it off with a plate of curry-curry chicken. Portuguese - Cuisine with influence we recommend this symbol of the city of Maputo, which has changed hands several times, but still retains the quality and simplicity typical of Portuguese cuisine. The terracotta floors, the beautiful white walls and the rich, rich flavors of this restaurant.

From the shellfish restaurant Sagres you can enjoy the sea view, but you can also dive into the restaurant's pool while waiting for your meal.

This is a popular place for the inhabitants of Maputo, especially at weekends, so enjoy a caipirinha by the pool and don't forget to celebrate your sundowner. The Gypsy Bar on Rua do Bagamoyo is popular. Go with a group to this seedy part of the city and try mixing the famous Catembe drink. Visit one of the many bars in the area, such as the Bar de la Boca, and you'll see your mouth coloured red with the iconic Mozambique tipple.

The Bar de la Boca on Rua do Bagamoyo, on the outskirts of Maputo, in the centre of the city, is popular with locals and tourists alike.

Guests can enjoy dinner and watch the Maputo sunset from the restaurant's rooftop terrace, which offers views of the city and the nearby river.

In a city full of great seafood restaurants, this stands out for its particularly tasty shrimp. Chicken is as popular as sambeziana, but it is a good idea to order one of the many different types of chicken available in the restaurant. It has a fragrant, creamy Mozambican curry with coconut and coriander that is grilled on the table and is grilled in piri sauce and served with lemon and garlic, which is just as good for those who prefer a milder taste.

Located on the coast of southern Mozambique, Maputo is home to some of the world's most beautiful wildlife, from elephants and rhinos to giraffes and elephants. If you want to have the chance to see the big five, the best safari options are in Moz Ambique.

The cuisine of the city is a mix of traditional Portuguese dishes such as shrimp, chicken, fish and seafood. The most popular Portuguese dish is the "shrimp" (chicken), which is prepared in piri sauce. A white bun filled with a thin pira piri (marinated steak) and a generous portion of red beans and rice, a classic Portuguese dish.

If you want to experience the fish side of Maputo, Sagres should be the first restaurant on your list. For seafood lovers, it is obligatory to try the giant prawns and crabs, which could be mistaken for seafood.

The menu may be simple, but the chefs specialize in large plates of meat and fish and skewers, and the picanha is especially revered. For an authentic Portuguese meal, head straight to the restaurant, which is served by one of Maputo's most famous chefs, Pedro da Silva. Grilled dishes are the hallmark of the restaurant, the waiters prepare a charcoal grill outside and cook the meat or seafood as they please.

Despite the lively atmosphere and simple interior, there is a wide selection of wines and beers, as well as a selection of local and international wines. Wooden tables are on display and choices are made, such as the classic Pico de Gallo, Picanha or Bacalhau.

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