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We are here to dispel the myth that Mozambique is hard to reach and even harder to travel, and to give you some tips on where to go, what to do, and how to "get there." We will cover some of the most important things you will be happy to spend an excellent holiday in Moz Ambique.

We will cover the best places in Mozambique, including the destinations on our itinerary. Our itineraries vary from one week to four weeks and cover a large part of the good places in Moz Ambique we have visited.

I would also like to stress that Mozambique is not the easiest African country to visit. If you are travelling to Mozambique for more than two weeks, I would advise you to stay in the south of the country and go to South Africa, Swaziland, eSwatini and Zimbabwe. Those who stay in Moz Ambique for only 2 weeks can explore the north of the country and then travel to Zambia, Tanzania and Malawi. My dear friend Helen is leading us on a guided trip to Mozambique, so we would like to experience it without stress.

If you are planning a meeting for your trip, this site is a great place to see when a country like Mozambique is on vacation. The islands are helpful as guides to the places to visit as well as some of the country's tourist attractions. For more information about the trip and other tourist attractions in Moz Ambique, please visit our website.

If you are planning a tour to Mozambique, the best time to visit is as the winter season approaches. If you limit your tour to one destination, you are the perfect place to visit the whole of Moz Ambique. If you want to be a backpacker in northern Mozambique, you will probably start your trip in Ilha Mozambique, but if you plan to travel in all that backpacking, you will have plenty of time to see the north, which includes the country's most popular tourist attractions, such as Porto Alegre, Managua and the National Park.

It stretches 360 kilometres along the border with Mozambique and is the second largest city in the country, with 2.5 million inhabitants after Porto Alegre. The city is accessible by road from the city of Managua, the capital of the province of Maputo, about 30 kilometers north.

When you travel to Mozambique, you will enjoy the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches and dive with manta rays, whales and sharks you will probably ever encounter. Wimbi Beach is a great beach destination, considered one of the best places to stay in Moz Ambique. Travellers flock here to dive, snorkel, kayak, surf, fish and do other activities in the beautiful waters.

Mozambique is a malaria risk country and it is important to take malaria tablets before and during travel to prevent the disease. As a precaution against malaria occurring in the country, it is advisable to obtain malaria medication from your personal doctor before entering Mozambique. If you are nervous about going to Moz Ambique, be sure to read the advice of people who have actually been to this country. All affected persons should consult their doctor before arriving in Mozambique and consult local doctors if they are already in Mozambique.

Always make sure you take the right health precautions before, during and after your trip to Mozambique and the rest of Africa.

Visitors to Mozambique must have a valid entry and exit visa and a passport. Always carry your passport and know where the visa is, and always what your stay in Mozambique will be like.

To enter Mozambique, you must obtain a visa and obtain it before visiting. You do not need a visa to enter Mozambique, as you do in other parts of the world such as the US, Canada or Australia.

Foreigners in Mozambique without a valid visa can expect to pay a fine of USD 100 for each day they are illegally in Mozambique. The average daily cost of a trip to Mosamba is around $25 to $35 and the main tourist destinations are Maputo, Tofo and, to some extent, Vilanculos.

Domestic flights are certainly the fastest way to circumnavigate the vast country of Mozambique, though not quite as expensive. I had a great experience with South African Airways as they provide a fantastic opportunity to travel to Moz Ambique. If backpackers really want to do something for the local community, they should look no further than Worldpacker. Join our Facebook group to stay up to date with all the information about travelling to Mozambique. If you're looking for more information on how to travel around the country while having a local impact on communities, then they're the best place to start.

Visiting just one destination is not enough to claim to have been there, but Maputo Mozambique is a city on a vast territory. If you have ever visited a few destinations in Moz Ambique, you will certainly sneak into your travel planning on the way there. The journey along the Mozambican coast is not only a highlight of my time in Africa, but also one of the favourite regions I have ever travelled to.

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